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What is a “plan of care” or “medical summary” and why should I have one? | Monica Kondrad

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How can the medical home relate to the partnerships among the team of those caring for children with special health care needs? | Dr. Frank McNesby Jr.

What is the role of a general pediatrician in the care of children with special health care needs? | Dr. Frank McNesby Jr.

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Can I purchase my own car and have it converted with assistive technologies? | John Frank

Are there weight limits for wheel chair accessible vehicles? | John Frank

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What is the Affordable Care Act? | Thomas D. Begley Jr.

What is a Care Coordinator? | Monica Kondrad

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What is the difference between guardianship vs power of attorney? | Ethan Ordog

How Should Parents Pick a Lawyer? | Ethan Ordog

What are the steps to plan of care? | Monica Kondrad

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