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Medical Benefits

Medical Benefits

Various medical benefits at both the federal and state level, such as Medicare and Medicaid, may be available to those individuals with disabilities and their loved ones.

Accessing Medical Benefits

More information on these programs may be found on the links provided and by contacting your Advocate.

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (“ADA”)

The ADA is a federal civil rights law that guarantees that those with disabilities have the same opportunities as everyone else. The ADA, however, also provides State and local government programs and services to those with disabilities. One such program in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is the Paratransit and Shared Ride Program (further discussed in “Transportation Benefits”). If you have any further questions about ADA programs, please contact your Advocate.

The Affordable Care Act “ACA”

For a discussion of how the Affordable Care Act may affect those individuals and their loved ones check out the video from Thomas D. Begley, Jr.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Many states have a Department or Office of Vocational Rehabilitation to provide services for disabled children and disabled adults, age 17 and older. You need to contact your Advocate or other resources in your state.

There is an application process involved. Typically, a person must have a physical or mental disability, which creates an employment barrier. The disabled person must also be reasonably expected to become more employable as a result of some rehabilitation services. The purpose of these programs is to attempt to rehabilitate and to gain employment.

Vocational rehabilitation services include medical and therapeutic services and physical and can include necessary surgeries, hospitalizations, prosthetic, and assisted devices, eyeglasses, special services, such as transportation or dialysis, diagnosis and treatment for mental and emotional disorders, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech or hearing therapy. The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation can also provide communication services, vocational training, financial support and transportation for those enrolled in the program.

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