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The Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation

The mission of the Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation (“PATF”) is to provide financing opportunities to people with disabilities and older Pennsylvanians helping them to acquire the assistive technology devices and services that improve the quality of their lives.

From the beginning, the PATF was founded as an option for individuals who wanted to pay for the needed assistive technology devices themselves. PATF was not to be thought of as a program of last resort, meaning that all avenues of potential payers did not have to be exhausted before an applicant would be considered for a loan.

Key principles are: Individuals with disabilities and/or family members make the decision to apply for a loan. It is one’s choice to seek financing to purchase assistive technology and to select the assistive technology equipment and services needed. There is no requirement that a loan applicant must have been turned down by other funding resources before he can apply for a loan. Consumers can purchase the equipment and/or service he wants. The consumer also chooses the vendor or contractor with whom they want to work. PATF does not require multiple bids for goods and services. PATF does not require that the applicant provide proof of disability. Applicants must describe how the device or service they wish to purchase is assistive technology. No one will be excluded because his income exceeds a specific income range. PATF will provide services to all residents of Pennsylvania, regardless of disability diagnosis, age of onset, county of residence, age, or income level. A borrower must be willing and able to repay a loan.

Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation

1004 West 9th Avenue, 1st Floor
King of Prussia, PA 19406
Voice: 484-674-0506
Voice/toll-free/TTY: 888-744-1938
Fax: 484-674-0510
Email: patf@patf.us

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