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Leah Batchis

Leah Batchis

Leah Batchis is an attorney at Batchis Nestle & Reimann LLC.

Disabilities in the age of Covid-19

Disabilities in the age of Covid-19 Ask a question

Tools for Meeting Life’s Challenges

Republican Early Proposals

Republican Proposal Will Harm Disabled Children in Low Income Families: A Call to ActionBy: Stewart L. Cohen, Esquire*  Among the first initiatives of the newly elected Republican Congress and President Trump is to convert Medicaid and SSI to ‘block grants”. This may sound harmless enough, but it is not. These proposals will slash the minimalContinue Reading

What is a trustee? | Kristen Behrens

What is the difference between a settlement trust and a special needs trust? | Kristen Behrens

Disability Planning/ Should I create a settlement trust or a special needs? | Kristen Behrens

Where can I provide funds to put into a special needs trust? | Stewart Cohen

(1:55 – 6:10)

What is the difference between guardianship and power of attorney? | Ethan Ordog

What should parents consider in retaining an attorney to help with planning for a special needs child? | Ethan Ordog

What is a “Representative Payee”? | Kristen Behrens

What is a “Formulary?” | Monica Kondrad

In the event of an accident or incident causing serious injuries or disabilities how do I respond to investigations by insurance companies? | Stewart Cohen

What are other issues that may affect my legal rights?

(30:10 – 33:44)

If I live in Pennsylvania or New Jersey but the injury occurs somewhere else, where are my rights affected? | Stewart Cohen

(24:38 – 25:46)

If I bring a claim will it interfere with benefits or insurance coverage that is in place? Will the doctors stop treating my child? | Stewart Cohen

(20:16 – 22:21)

How do I find an experienced lawyer to represent a disabled person or family? | Stewart Cohen

What are the reasons why I should not investigate these issues? | Stewart Cohen

(25:47 – 27:46)

Is it important to act properly to investigate the cause of a disability? | Steward Cohen

What are the main reasons for a possible lawsuit? | Stewart Cohen

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